Hello good thanks! Nothing to see here!.

Who I am

I live in Surry Hills, Sydney. I am a born and bred Sydneysider but I have been lucky enough to live in Brisbane, Dallas and Chicago. I have two cats and love a glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon.

What I do

Indoors or outdoors, connected or off the grid, home office or hotdesking.

Places I Go

Here are some places I like to go to relax, eat, exercise or entertain myself!

Stuff I Like

I love technology, sport, fitness, food and good times!
  • Rough Threads - The next Rought Threads Market is happening May 31st at St John's in Darlinghurst. A full Rough Threads market, folk band, community garden, physio treatment room, counseling services, big BBQ, treats served by Mothers Kitchen, our very own MC with a chocolate wheel! The event is free and open to marginalised groups within our community, including those struggling with homelessness, those in crisis, asylum seekers and refugees, foster families and anyone needing an extra hand. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Rough Threads through their contact us page.

    ~ Roughthreads ~